Glass Art Solutions

Welcome to the realm of quality and originality, where modern glass art combines professional service.


We offer unique, high-quality mirrors for various tastes and demands, catering to both home and business use.


We provide innovative and lasting designs, whether you need doors for your home or doors for commercial areas, while also delivering a modern solution that combines great performance and attractiveness.

Glass shelves

We offer a variety of glass shelves stylish and functional ways to store and display objects, providing a stylish and functional storage solution for any environment.

Stair Railing

We design and install stylish and secure glass railings for staircases and balconies. Our railings complement your space's aesthetics while ensuring safety.

We will be the First Choice for you.....

You may feel worried when looking for a partner in Glass services and securit glass ventures in a world marked by a multiplicity of options and technological advancement.
However, with Glass Art Solutions, you will experience a balance of contemporary glass art and professionalism in implementation.

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Glass, we feel is more than just a building material; it is an art and science that blends beauty and safety in a modern and professional way.

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Choosing “Glass Art Solutions” means opting for high quality, smart design, and innovative thinking. Allow us to be your partners in delivering amazing and professional glass projects.

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Our Happy Customer

We are happy to be part of your success

I had a fantastic experience working with Glass Art Solutions. Therefore, I required custom glass windows for my home, and they were supplied with great care and attention to detail. I appreciate the attention to order specifics and the prompt delivery.
Mohamed Elghamdy
Installed the glass railings for our new office and did an outstanding job. Subsequently, the quality was excellent, and the staff was quite professional. We wholeheartedly endorse their services.
Ahmed Eljasem
Quality was outstanding and delivery was on schedule in my dealings with Glass Art Solutions to build and install mirrors in my business shop. As a result, the elegance of the mirrors impressed customers, and the scope of service was increased.
Fahd Elanzy
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Full Round Oak Mirror
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Decorative Circle Mirror
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Unframed Round Table Mirror
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Slim Oak Frame Mirror
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Portrait Mirror
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Three-piece Arc Mirror
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Wall Storage Mirror
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Aethestic Floor Mirror
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Wholesale Price:$254.00
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